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Why WTM ?

Universal Tourism Exhibition (UTE) is a large outbound tourism trade platform organized by Beijing Golden Sunshine Conference and Exhibition Company. UTE each held once a year in spring and autumn, is an itinerant exhibition, each exhibition will run for two days, in Beijing & Shanghai or in Beijing & Guangzhou.


UTE 2017 Autumn will be held on 17 October in Beijing and 19 October  in Guangzhou.

About UTE

The exhibition is designed to become a B2B platform for Chinese outbound travel agencies and overseas inbound travel agencies, hotels, resorts, scenic spots, tourism platforms, cruises, tourism bureaus and so on. Overseas travel agencies account for 85% of the participating parties, overseas hotels, resorts, cruises, scenic spots and tourism bureaus account for 7%, tourism platforms account for 4%, wholesalers of Chinese outbound travel agencies account for 2% and others related tourism account for 2%. Chinese outbound travel agencies can attend the exhibition at no cost



The following  are the latest two exhibition's video:


Video of UTE 2016 Spring Exhibition: youtu.be/xAc-jKW12ac


Video of UTE 2017 Spring Exhibition:youtu.be/v5RQyMJstR8


Travel agency representatives come from more than 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Maldives, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. The exhibition will provide a communication bridge between domestic outbound travel agencies and overseas inbound travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, resorts, tourism platforms and cruises.


UTE have lots of Chinese outbound travel agency resources. During our last exhibition in Beijing, more than 550 Chinese outbound travel agencies came from Beijing, 36 from Tianjin, 45 from Shijiazhuang, 25 from Xian, 15 from Jinan, 7 from Harbin and so on. More than 700 Chinese outbound travel agencies from North China can be meet just in a day. During our last exhibition day in Guangzhou, more than 480 Chinese outbound travel agencies came from Guangzhou, 85 from Shenzhen, over 62 from Zhuhai, 30 from Changsha, 37 from Wuhan, 18 rom Kunming and so on. You can meet and know about 700 Chinese outbound travel agencies centered in Guangzhou within one day. In other words, you can meet and know more than 1500 Chinese outbound travel agencies within 2 days.


A real tourism exhibition is to provide an exchange platform for Chinese outbound travel agencies and overseas inbound travel agencies, hotels, resorts, scenic spots, tourism platforms and cruises. In short, UTE is an exhibition without require them to build and decorate booths. You can just exchange name cards and brochures with one another, exhibitors will also provide their promotional materials to Chinese outbound travel agencies and tourism platforms during the exhibition. 


The exhibition held in Spring was mainly for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival (June 20), Summer Holiday (July - August), Mid-Autumn Festival (September 27) and the National Day (October 1), and the exhibition held in Autumn was mainly for Christmas (December 25), New Year(January 1), Chinese New Year (February 18) and Winter Holiday.

This exhibition only invite Chinese outbound travel agencies as visitors, other industries related with tourism are not allowed to visit, such as VISA service, air ticket, insurance, hotel, etc. All Chinese outbound travel agencies that intend to attend UTE are required to register in advance (two registration options are available---register via UTE website or contact UTE staff), visitors that register via UTE site are requested to , and they are not allowed to participate UTE unless their registrations are approved by UTE organizer, and receive confirmation letter from UTE organizer.


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UTE Photo Gallery

UTE Photo Gallery

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