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Opening Speech of the General Manager of the organizer in 2014 UTE Exhibition
Time:2014-5-15 10:50:00
Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,
Firstly, on behalf of the organization, I’d like to extend my warmest welcome to everyone.
The reason we can gather up at here on this joyous day is because our tourism industry is currently at a stage of vigorous development, it is because there is an increased demand in Chinese traveling outside the country, and we are required to work together.
Many travel agencies’ representatives are attending the exhibition, including representatives from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Australia and others, coming from over 60 countries or regional travel agencies, with many other representatives from outbound travel agencies in China.
According to statistics from the authorities, in 2012, 78.4 million Chinese people traveled abroad, in 2013, the number grew to 98.19 million, and in 2014, the number will most certainly go over 100million. Accompanying this huge wave of outbound tourism are huge amounts of capital and goods flow. This is also a golden opportunity for our tourism service industry to develop. Everyone should muster up all their strength and hope to capitalize on this opportunity to realize our ambitions.
This exhibition is mainly oriented for the upcoming Chinese traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, National Day and of course, the longest holiday of the season, the summer. These festivals and holidays are the peak season for Chinese people traveling abroad, and it is also the opportunity for tourism practitioners to make money. The aim of this exhibition is to provide a 100% B2B exchange platform for the Chinese outbound and overseas inbound travel agencies. It provides an opportunity for everyone to communicate face to face, introduce fully each of their products and services, each special features and advantages, for better cooperation in the future.
The exhibition is held on the twelfth of May in Beijing, and the fourteenth of May in Guangzhou. Everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with the Northern Chinese outbound travel agencies surrounding Beijing and also the Southern Chinese outbound travel agencies surrounding Guangzhou by attending our two-day exhibition. This November, a second Universal Tourism in Beijing and Guangzhou will be held during Christmas and the Chinese New Year, everyone is welcome to attend.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Beijing Universal Tourism Exhibition is an outbound tourism exhibition held by the Beijing Golden Sunshine Conference and Exhibition Company. The main employees of our company possess rich experience in the tourism and exhibition business. The main shareholder and the legal representatives of this company possess more than twenty years of experience in tourism operations and management. Our company is motivated in providing a modern, professional and an internationalized exhibition platform, in the hope to provide better services for everyone. We hope that through this platform, everyone has increased understanding, enhanced friendship and better cooperation.
We hope everyone has an enjoyable and pleasant time in Beijing!